Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Final Blog :(

Well blogspot it has been fun for the time we had to use you...

My final blog is as follows...

I felt my student teaching in the class went well. The only downfall was because i didnt have a partner. My lesson was on Fishy Tales. I started my lesson by asking the students did they ever have a pet fish? If so they had the opportunity to explain it. The concept of the lesson was to create their own fish, shark, or eel. They had the choice to choose a name and create a story line for the fish. For example my fish nemo went to disney world with his mommy. They then had to color the fish and share it with the rest of the class.
The lesson started off as a positive one. But as time progressed the kids were getting antsy so i stopped the lesson and had the children move around the floor. Once they started moving they began to focus. Another issue i ran into was the heat. I tried to make do with the heat condition because i will have to deal with it in a regular school setting.
Overrall i give myself a B+ with handling the class individually not in a partner, for dealing with the heat,and having the kids move around to grab attention.
Overrall i felt everyone's lesson plan went very well. Everyone did so well with their partners and was prepared. I think the only think that through everyone off guard was the behaviors. No one really expected outrageous behaviors to arise during there lesson. That was the biggest distraction. Yes that is apart of teaching but i dont think no one's class is that much out of hand and hard to handle. :) Everyone put on the attitudes and faces of a teacher. It really made me think wow in a year or two we will all be doing this and look how far we all have came since freshman year knowing nothing. I think this class and other education classes at SPC really embraced us and gave us the material we needed to know before we got to this point. I personally feel ready but could use some improvements which i know i have time to change. But for those ahead of me and got very little time left. Good luck and remember what you was taught and those behaviors :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Reflections on final day in lab :(

Well bloggers..our podcasting today went well...we finally finished our book into 2 segments...we also managed to get our 5 effective questions done and posted as well. the only thing left to do for this activitiy is too complete our lesson plan which we have time because we dont present ours until april 9. The day went great!

tootles, so long, farewell to you my friend...
so long, goodbye until we meet again :)

5 effective questions

5 effective questions

  1. What the difference between the turtles and the starfish? and whats the same?
  2. What do the crabs hide in? and why?
  3. What would happen if the shark saw the eel?
  4. How do jellyfish float in the sea?
  5. If you swam in the deep blue sea, what swimgear would you need to help you see and breathe?

pre-thoughts for final day

my goal for my final day in the lab is too finally get the book finished and recorded. my part is done i am just waiting for my partner to be finished with her segment. also today we have to get our 5 comprehension questions together and jumpstart on the lesson plan. hopefully this should be a productive day and i am looking forward to getting a lot accomplished. :)
tootles :P

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Reflections of Day 3

Well Day 3 podcasting is done. I felt that my second time around was defiantly a plus and wayyyy better than before. I am going to keep my podcasting that i did today as part of my lesson plan and not redo it over. i am still waiting for my partner to do her part. I guess on friday we are going to do the questions that correspond with the book and age appropriate. Also get a jumpstart on the lesson plan that has to be team-teached.

Progress was defiantly shown today... im excited!

tootles ED204 :P

day 3 of preblogging

well, welcome back we have class today and no snow of course :)

today we was told to finish up on the podcasting with our partners because now our time is limited for the remainder of the lesson plan. so today melody has to podcast her portion of the book. finally we have to come up with 5 effective questioning skills to make sure the students comprehend well of what is going on.

until the class is over with our outcome...tootles :p

Friday, February 19, 2010

Reflections of day 1/2

Overrall i felt today went well for the fact that it was my first time using podomatic. I heard wonderful readings all over the room. i cant wait to hear them all once its time to present. i feel that the only thing i need to do is work on enthusiam. Melody has to go Tuesday. and boy are we so excited to read Fishy Tales :)